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10 years in, Cara Ober and BmoreArt have created a community for Baltimore's creatives
by Mary Carole McCaulay
Baltimore Sun, March 2017

For someone whose entire life is devoted to creating, looking at, writing about and showcasing visual images, Baltimore journalist Cara Ober expresses an opinion that surprises even her.

"I think I like artists better than I like art," says Ober, the founder of the BmoreArt website and magazine, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this month.


"I see so much art all the time and I feel interested in perhaps 20 percent of it. ... But the way artists process information, the way they survive, the way they enrich every place they live is fascinating."

Ober is aware that hers is a minority view. Gallery owners and museum administrators publicly claim to love, cherish and adore artists, but as she points out, many secretly believe artists are a pain in the neck.

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