Cara Ober
Group Exhibit: Bawlmer
A group exhibition of Baltimore based artists, curated by Dwayne Butcher
at Crosstown Arts in Memphis, TE

August 19 - September 20, 2014
Gallery Talk: September 6 at 2 pm

Excerpt from a Review of Bawlmer in Number: 80 by J. Stokes-Casey: "In the midst of this triangle of gluttony, three small, well-crafted ink on paper works from Cara Ober’s Tchotchkes Series combine black and white still life paintings of knick-knacks with clean cursive text on a stark background and speak of a more subtle indulgence. The works ironically address décor produced for the consumption and delight of every day people through the medium of high art which is typically aimed toward more elite and highbrow consumers."


Baynard Woods at the Baltimore City Paper reviewed the Sondheim Semifinalists, in "Profusion, Not Confusion" on July 23, 2014 and mentioned my "lush, oxidized, and deeply layered reflections on decoration" here.


Michael O'Sullivan of The Washington Post Reviewed a June, 2014 group exhibit, Words and Letters:

A group exhibition at the Athenaeum puts its own spin on philosopher Marshall McLuhan’s mantra “The medium is the message.” For the 12 artists in “Words and Letters” — each of whom uses language, or in some cases merely jumbled letters — the role of the written symbol varies widely. A few works contain snatches of actual poetry and are meant to be read. For many others, the building blocks of language have been put into a blender and spread around like paint.

Cara Ober also uses what might be called poetry, but of a very different kind. Along with representational imagery (a girl wearing bangs, for instance) and other abstract design elements, the Baltimore painter liberally sprinkles her canvases with fragments of found, almost Dadaistic text. Printed dictionary definitions float alongside scraps of handwriting — “i fold you into the silence of myself” — creating a stew of seemingly random, collagelike signifiers, none of which submits to easy interpretation.

Read the whole review here.


Mera Rubell visited my studio! She described my work as "Jeff Koons with a heart" and selected two of my new Tchotchke drawings for an exhibit in January, 2014 at Marianne Boesky Gallery in New York and for Select: 2014, the Washington Project for the Arts Auction on March 22, 2014.

Read about Mera Rubell's visit to 36 Baltimore Studios on Bmoreart.